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The Brewery

Docteur Gab’s beer will never run dry as it springs from an inexhaustible source - strong friendship. In January 2001, three friends found their curiosity piqued by brewing and were inspired to take their first faltering steps in beer production. The venture did not end there and every year the quality and professionalism of the business has gone from strength to strength.

The brewery was established in 2012 on a site known as Claie-aux-Moines and now employs fifteen staff, all driven by the same passion: to offer distinctive, craft beers full of body and spirit. In 2016, the brewery celebrates its 15th anniversary. You could say it’s a business with plenty of bottle!


Production process

All Docteur Gab's craft beers are traditionally brewed using a double fermentation process.  The first involves top-fermenting, as opposed to lagers which are bottom-fermented, and this takes place in a fermentation tank. Re-fermentation occurs once the beer is bottled and naturally carbonates it. The result is a range of sedimented ales which are unfiltered and unsterilized and which improve over time.

Docteur Gab's Brewery does not stint when it comes to the quality - or indeed quantity! - of its natural, raw materials. Only the best malts and hops are used and the yeasts are grown on site. Beer quality is also rigorously monitored to ensure that faultless products reach the market.  

Brewery tours

Tours of the brewery can be booked for a maximum of 230 people and take place on th afternoons. We get real pleasure from explaining the secrets of the manufacturing process at Docteur Gab’s Brewery to our visitors and letting them sample our products!

Please note that visits to the brewery followed by a tasting session last between 1 and 1½ hours.

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The team

Docteur Gab's Brewery was founded in January 2001 by Gabriel Hasler, David Paraskevopoulos and Reto Engler. Both time and beer have flowed since then and lots of friends have played a part in this great venture. We can’t thank them all enough!

Today fifteen staff work at the brewery, the equivalent of ten full-time employees, involved in every aspect of the business - production, deliveries, sales and administration. The whole team is committed to working day and night (well, almost) to bring you distinctive beers with body and spirit.