manufactured locally

Since 2017, all Dr. Gab’s bottles have been made by Vetropack in St Prex – just 40 km from our brewery. 

As for upcycling our byproducts, we’ve always reused our brewer’s spent grain (leftover malt from the brewing process) – first for compost, then for animal fodder, and currently for methanisation. Our next goal at the brewery is to dry the fibre- and protein-rich spent malt for food-industry uses. 

Looking ahead, we also want to harness another byproduct of brewing beer: CO2. We’re aiming to capture the carbon dioxide gas released as the yeast ferments and reuse it directly in our production process. 

Dr. Gab’s is firmly woven into the fabric of the local economy. As well as providing direct jobs in the Lake Geneva region, we also work with local suppliers, sourcing our bottles, labels and packaging boxes from producers in the Romandy area of Switzerland. 


Weve been recovering, washing, and reusing our bottles ever since we first opened in 2001.

And since 2018, weve been doing this at our own brewery premises in Puidoux to cut down on transport. 

collection points

Want to return your empty bottles for us to wash and reuse?

Find your nearest collection point. 

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