Do you want to spice up your shelves and include our products in your range? 

From cans to bottles, classics and limited editions, we have everything you need! Our team will be delighted to pay you a visit to show you the different products, either in crates or cardboard beer carriers, along with suitable point-of-purchase materials. 


  1. Do your customers prefer cans to bottles?

    Some of our classic beers are also available in 500 ml cans. 

  2. What about non-alcoholic beers?

    No problem! Our range includes a non-alcoholic option: the Placebo. 

    Our non-alcoholic IPA is a great beer that you can drink as much as you want, anywhere, any time. 

  3. Can the bottles be recycled?

    If you want to get your customers to return their bottles so that we can wash and reuse them, no problem! 

    We’ll collect them next time we deliver. 

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