Dr Gab’s offers trade partners a full range of options from beer tap installation (permanent or mobile) to technical support and customer care.  

Whether it’s for our draught beer (including Swaf) or our range of bottled beers, we’ll be happy to partner up with you and meet your needs at a competitive rate. 


  1. Nothing beats a good draught beer

    It’s true! 

    And it’s why all our beers are also available in 20-litre kegs (for both trade customers and private individuals)! 

  2. What about non-alcoholic beers?

    Our non-alcoholic IPA is a great beer that you can drink as much as you want, anywhere, any time. 

  3. Beer is all very well, but my customers are more the cocktail type!!

    Ever heard of hard seltzer? 

    This alcoholic sparkling water makes an excellent cocktail base. There are two varieties: red berry, and lemon and lemongrass.

    Interested? Our sales team will be delighted to advise you:) 

  4. I want to serve beers that stand out from the crowd!!

    Besides our classics, we also brew two seasonal beers each year (for summer and winter). 

    And if you want something even more unique, we have a One Shot range (expect beers that stand out from the crowd and rip up the rulebook). 

    Please don’t hesitate to ask for information using our contact form. 

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